All Genetess V1.xx games contribute to the following high score table.

Each player you eliminate earns you 1 point and loses them 1 point.
However points only last 1 year before they start decaying (as do negative points), and after 2 years they have already halved in value.
So if you want to top the league you need to keep playing and keep eliminating your opponents.

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2000-2019 Robert Kydd


Ragnar Wikman Dave Hern Joel Summerfield Darran Summerfield Robert Kydd Amanda Magee Julio Rojas Isaiah Tanenbaum Jeffrey Ooi Carlo Mysko Rosie Payne Carl Dowdeswell Jeff Braunstein David Mason Jeff Plummer Ross Hubbard Ginette Beavis Andrew Jackson Neil Hubbard Kim Freeman David Lerner Dale Cheeseman Martin Coughtrey Armarti E Corcoran Robert Johnson Mike Price Jeremy Harper Scangroth Green James Slade Andy Pratt Michael Orford Anna Kydd Matt Nic Best Gerard Daams Paul Bullough Dan Redican Karl Low Tim Evans Adrian Hepworth Jose Marts John Harcourt Chris Duemling William Taylor Andy Checkley Chris Hepworth Brendan Trodden Tom Green Paul Honeyfield Ian Londesbrough Phil Robertson Michel Vaccon