For the 2006/7 English Football season I ran another competition to see who can best predict the final league positions in all four divisions (Premiership, Championship, League One, and League Two). Players predict the league tables as they think they will appear on the final day of the season and then sit back and watch the competition unfold. There are no changes to be made once the season kicks off.

To add a little edge, the competition cost 5 to enter, with 60% of the prize money going to the winner, 30% to second place, and 10% to 3rd place. With 16 players having joined the competition this year, this makes the prize money 48 for first, 24 for second, and 8 for third.

Here are the final scores. Congratulations to Tom Clark for a narrow victory over the long time leader Kev Jones.

Here is the latest chart showing how many points behind the leader each player was.

And here are the predictions from all the players, including at the bottom of the table which teams they each currently predicted correctly, and which teams cost them the most penalty points..

Finally here are seperate high score tables for each of the 4 divisions in order. This year this is just for fun, but next year we might run 5 competitions in 1 .....

2000-2007 Robert Kydd

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