The Back Garden Jungle

Dashing onward all four paws, out the swiftly opened doors.
Sternly crunching, gravels pain burns your pads and paws in vain.
Running chanting blades of glee towering tall and mocking me.
Dusty pillars end to end waiving hair seems to offend.
Logs of wood, wire entangles, barbs and barbs of spikes like bangles.
Far and far though I may pant, this journey is Jackís beanstalk plant!
Iíll never make the leap of fate, a journey far across the gate.
If I could make it, I could flee, forever running, Iíd be free.

Isabella Kydd 2014

Why I Love Puppies

The little licky kisses, the sweet aroma when you breathe.
The way you nip and nibble when you begin to teethe.
I hear a muffled snuffle or a scratch or paw or sneeze.
And while I'm in bed you bring me news, slippers, cheese ?
You're the sweetest thing since honey my tiny fluffy friend.
I've loved you since forever and I'll love you 'till then end.

Isabella Kydd 2014

The Call of a County

The cry of the gulls and the roar of the ocean
The high-hedging lanes that can lure you for miles
The cliff-slogging walks that put time in slow-motion
By Tamarisk,Campion,through wickets,oer stiles.

Past Minver,Endellion,six-peeling and saintly
Magnificent Blissland St Teath, and St Pratt
The call of a country unhurried,yet quaintly
Invites you to marvel,to greet and to chat.

See cliff-hanging Minack,see Looe,and Polperro
See narrow Port Isaac of Squeeze-belly fame
See Truro,and Padstow,where fisher-folk bellow
See Fowey,and Polruan,for the ferry-mans game.

O here could I stay for Trebetherick's calling
The wet purple slate,and the red fertile earth
The Thrift,and the sea-life,the curious stone-walling
And glorious Sir John,neath St Enodoc's turf.

for Anna and Rob in celebration of their great news
John Clark 2004

The Wedding Speech

Dear friends well met we're here to pay
Due homage on this special day
A day to ponder muse upon
When two dear lives are now made one.

Yet thinking back to earlier days
Reflecting on some former ways
A few surprises we'll unearth
Yes seventy-seven was Anna's birth.

An early January child
So tiny precious sweet and mild
We did not think we'd rear her then
Nineteenth of Jan just after ten.

Then six weeks later duly nourished
Released from hospital to flourish
We take our tiny bundle home
To Northwood neath great London's dome.

Next to West-Midlands we repair
To Packington and country air
Our little one grows on a'pace
In glorious Warwickshire breathing space.

Another bundle now arrives
Who brings great joy and changes lives
Yet you must wait to hear and see
My next poem for Penelope.

Keep your speech short this pair has said
Don't ramble on and loose your head
This daughter knows her father best
I must adhere to her request.

But not before I've welcomed you
To this e're posh and splendid do
And do enjoy the Chardonnay
Much nicer than the Vin-du-pay.

Back to today doesn't time fly
To morning suit and choking tie
And don't you think the bride looks fine
Coutouri'ed and elegant line.

And Bridegroom Anna what a catch
A super bloke a perfect match
A father could no finer wish
You've hooked a grand and wondrous fish

Traditional service through and through
With bits of 1662
Some fine old hymns and singing strong
Just right in length and not too long

So here we are watered and fed
To surely stand us in good stead
For more delights to come our way
A string quartet more Chardonnay

And now there's little left to say
Sep't welcome on our special day
We wish you joy and deep content
And trust you've found your day well spent

So Rob and Anna we all pray
For health prosperity and the day
When you do what your parents did
And know the joy of your own KYDD

for Anna and Rob on their wedding day
John Clark 2003

© 2000-2014 Robert Kydd

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