The 2007/8 English Football season is underway, and so is this year's Predict the Premiership Competition.

This year we have 33 players which gives us a total prize fund of 165. This works out at 90 for 1st place, 45 for 2nd place, and 25 for 3rd place. The extra 5 goes to 4th place.

Congratulations to Vicky Woodcock on winning this year's event, with Scott Gillespie in 2nd place, Mike Noble in 3rd, and Chris Woodcock in 4th.

The final score table is as follows. The scoring system is simple - you receive 1 penalty point for each place you are incorrect in your prediction for each team. And just in case this leads to a tie, the tie breaker question is how many goals will be scored in the whole season. It is only the scores at the end of the season that count for the prizes, but this page will be updated regularly so you can monitor your progress towards the 90 as the season and the Premiership Table unfold.

Now most importantly is a list of who has and has not paid !

The following chart shows the position of each player in our competition as the season unfolds.

The following chart shows how far behind the leader each player is as the season unfolds.

And for those wanting to analyse their position in more detail, the folowing table shows how many penalty points each player has received based on their prediction for each team.

And finally, here is every players' prediction, along with some analysis of the average league table we are predicting as a group (if this works we'll place a bet next year !).

2000-2007 Robert Kydd

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