Welcome to the 2008/9 Predict the Premiership Competition. Below you will find the final scores, penalties, and predictions. Congratulations to Daren Hendey who won the first prize of 114, and to Anna Kydd and Tania Warrington who each won 38 through sharing second place. And never mind Alan - there is always next year.


Players simply have to predict where all 20 English Premiership Teams will finish and then sit back and watch the season unfold. Updates on the accuracy of your predictions will be sent out weekly, but it is only the final table on Sunday 24th May 2009 that decides who wins and loses.

For every league position you predict wrongly you score 1 penalty point. So if you predicted Blackburn to finish 5th and they actually finish 11th you would score 6 penalty points. Your penalty points are added up for all 20 teams and the player with the fewest penalty points wins.

And as a little tweak to the scoring this year, for every team you predict correctly, instead of just avoiding any penalty points, you actually have 2 penalty points subtracted from your total.

There is also no tie break question this year. If players finish level on points then the prize money will be shared.

The competition costs 5 to enter, with all the money being returned in prize money:

60% to first place
30% to second place
10% to third place

Finally, don't forget you can look at the results of all our previous competitions HERE.

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