Welcome to the 2009/2010 Predict the Premiership Competition.

Congratulations to Ian Trout on an emphatic win in the 2009/2010 Predict the Premiership Competition. All the scores and graphs can be found below, so until next year I'm off to start the 2010 World Cup Predict the Score competition ...

This year we have 47 entrants which means first prize is worth 141, second prize 70.50, and third prize 23.50. You can find the scoring rules at the bottom of the page, but first here are the final tables and graphs.

The competition works on the basis of penalty points. For each position you are wrong you get half a penalty point, so if you predicted Blackburn to be 5th and they were 9th you would get 2 penalty points. Penalty points for all 20 teams are then added up for each entry and the entry with the lowest total of penalty points wins. In the case of a tie there is no tie-breaker, and any prize money would be shared.

For any team where you predict their position precisely, you will have 1 penalty point subtracted from your total as a bonus for such foresight.

One slight addition for this year is the option to make small changes to your prediction. Once during each calendar month August to April (NOT in May) you can ask to move 1 team up or down by 1 position in your prediction, giving you a maximum of 9 one place changes. We wait to see whether people make their predictions better or worse

Once the competition is underway, you will receive weekly updates of your position and all the usual graphs and analysis by e-mail and of course here on this page.

Please pass this invite on to anyone else you think might be interested in playing the more the merrier.

Finally, don't forget you can look at the results of all our previous competitions HERE.

2000-2010 Robert Kydd

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