So that's the end of another Predict the Premiership COmpetition and congratulations to Jenny Jackson for a fine win, with Tania Warrington in 2nd, and Dave Hern in 3rd.

The competition cost 5 to enter with all the money being returned in prizes, 60% to the winner, 30% to 2nd, and 10% to 3rd. With 31 entrants this means 1st prize is 93, 2nd prize 46.50, and 3rd prize 15.50.

The scoring is simply that you incur a penalty point for each position out you are with each team, e.g. if you predicted Norwich to be 10th and they were actually 16th then you would receive 3 penalty points. The entry with the fewest penalty points then wins. There is no tie breaker, in the event of a draw the prize money is shared evenly.

Entrants will receive regular updates on the latest table, and can make 1 change to your prediction each calendar month of August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. Each change allows you to move 1 team up or down 1 place.

2000-2012 Robert Kydd

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