The Hedgehogs of Bernard
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Latest News

A little quiet on the WOW front at the moment with many of our previously active members working too hard (myself included). So we have refocussed the Guild ranks and associated bank access on our core aim of supporting solo play with a little social banter when we bump into each other. But if you want to organise any guild events then get too it ...

e-mail Rrenii here or in the game if you want to comment, make a suggestion, or ask a question

Guild Ranks

GXP = Guild XP Earned

1. Bare-bellied (new starters)
2. Desert (5M GXP)
3. Long-eared (25M GXP)
4. Amur (50M GXP)
5. Four-toed (75M GXP)
6. Hugh's (100M GXP)
7. Daurian (125M GXP)
8. Brandt's (150M GXP)
9. Assistant Spine (Appointment)
10. Chief Prickle (Appointment)
Guild Bank

The Guild have 7 bank tabs which are all used to support members in levelling their professions. The number of tabs you can access, and the numbers of withdrawals you can make each day also increase as you get promoted. By guild rank these limits are :-

The notification is 1234567 showing stacks available from bank tabs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Bare-bellied receive 1000000
Desert receive 1111000
Long-eared receive 1111111
Amur receive 2222111
Four-toed receive 2222222
Hugh's receive 3333222
Daurian receive 3333333
Brandt's receive 4444444
Assistant Spine receive 4444444

Please do not remove items simly to sell them or to pass to non-Guild alts. If you are able to contribute materials to any of the tabs please do so. Any other items members contribute to the tabs (e.g. equipment) will be auctioned by Embar who acts as the Guild banker. You can also send items directly to Embar if you wish, and he will again auction them for the Guild.

Bank Tab 1 - Herbs, Potions
Bank Tab 2 - Gems
Bank Tab 3 - Bags, Cloth
Bank Tab 4 - Skins, Leather
Bank Tab 5 - Ore, Bars
Bank Tab 6 - Enchanting
Bank Tab 7 - Recipes
Who are We ?
The Hedgehogs of Bernard are a Social Guild on the Saurfang World of Warcraft Realm aligned with the Alliance. The Guild is level 25 offering its members all of the Guild Perks introduced with the Cataclysm Expansion Pack.

Amongst the many benefits Members benefit from Free Repairs; +10% on all earned XP, Justice Points, and Honor Points; a 10% Discount on Purchases from Vendors; 7 Guild Bank Tabs supporting Professions; and access to Head and Back slot Guild Heirlooms.

The Guild was set up to provide a social, friendly environment for players wanting to benefit from Guild community, perks, and bonuses without having to commit to regular raiding or dungeons. There are no requirements on members to join dungeons, raids, or other Guild events - many members continue to play solo just chatting occassional when they need advice or assistance.
Guild Rules
Guild rules are as follows :-

i. No swearing, bullying, or inappropriate language in Guild Chat.

ii. Feel free to ask for help with quests, dungeons, and raids - but respect other members' rights not to join in if they don't want to.

iii. No illegal activities or those that infringe Blizzard's terms of service.

iv. No cruelty or disrespect to hedgehogs.
Moving On
As guild members reach level 90, some want to do more dungeons and raids to access the best equipment and experience all the end game content. As a social guild we are only going to increase our dungeon and raid potential slowly. We are therefore quite content that some players will want to leave the guild to look for dedicated raiding guilds they can continue to advance with. Occassionally they even come back to guest in dungeon runs for the Hedgehogs. So don't worry when you see people leave the guild, if we're not the right guild, or more often not the right guild any more, it is better members move on to continue fully enjoying the game.

As well as keeping our strength with lots of new recruits, we are also building a strong core membership for whom the guild offers everything they need long term.
Free Guild Repairs
All members of the guild receive free repairs, with a maximum daily amount set by their guild rank and the total gold the guild owns, it is currently set as follows :-

Bare-bellied 2 gold per day
Desert 3 gold per day
Long-eared receive 7 gold per day
Amur 13 gold per day
Four-toed 27 gold per day
Hugh's 53 gold per day
Daurian 106 gold per day
Brandt's 106 gold per day
Assistant Spine 106 gold per day


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