Welcome to the World Cup 2010 Predict the Score Competition

Congratulations to Kev Jones for winning in style by correctly predicting the World Cup Final itself. A cheque for 105 is in the post.

In second place was Tom Clark fully 66 points behind. A cheque for 47.50 is in the post.

And in joint third place were Dave Hern and Gareth Lewis a further 25 points back. A cheque each for 8.75 is in the post.

Here is the full workbook containing all the final results, predictions, and tables. Unfortunately the main worksheet is so big I have had to generate it in Excel 2007 format.

For those of you without Excel 2007 here is an Excel 1997/2003 format workbook. Unfortunately not all the worksheets will work as I have had to turn off calculation to save it in this format but you will be able to check your final predictions and scores.

And for those not wanting to open the full workbooks, here are the final score tables and graph.

2000-2010 Robert Kydd

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